It’s a strange time to be a Muslim right now Every day we wake up and hear our religion mentioned in the news on tv, in the mouths of politicians and journalists all around the world All of them saying that Islam is something bad, something evil, something nasty. In all honesty, I’m not hear to talk about what some politician or journalist thinks they know about Islam I’m here to talk about you and me. Because at the end of the day, Allah is going to ask me what I said and what I did. And He’s going to ask you what you said and what you did. All of us as Muslims have an idea in our minds, of the kind of better Muslim that we will one day be. One day we hope to pray. One day we hope to fast. One day we hope to go to Makkah and do the pilgrimage. One day. Some day. Not today. But right now is the time that you need to be a different kind of Muslim Allah (swt) said in the Quran more than 1400 years ago He asks a rhetorical question. A rhetorical question means that the answer is obvious. A rhetorical question means that you don’t need to answer because the answer is clear as day. Allah is asking you and me and all of the Muslims Isn’t it about time for the believers, that their hearts should wake up to the remembrance of Allah and what He has sent down of the truth Isn’t it about time to wake up to ourselves and be the best Muslims that we can be In this world there are 1.8 Billion Muslims Imagine if every Muslim in this world was a clone copy of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) Their kindness, their generosity, their compassion, their mercy. Imagine if 1.8 Billion of the worlds people lived that way. What kind of world would this be? Would anyone have any credibility to say that Islam is something evil Some people say that it’s a terrible time to be alive as a Muslim right now. But I say the opposite. Right now is the perfect time to be a practicing Muslim. Because everyone, everywhere is looking at you and seeing how you speak and what you do So when Allah says to the Muslims “Isn’t it about time?” I say, it’s well past time, and you know it is.