Now is the time for to Muslims Unite. Powerful Message! Join us for a first of its kind scholarly panel hosted by Br Malaz Majanni addressing issues of Unity, In our first gathering with Sheikh Abu Bakr Zoud, Sheikh Ahmed Abdo, Sheikh Shady Alsuleiman, Sheikh Omar Elbanna & Sheikh Aref Chaker.  Discussed Topics 00:00:50  – Definition of Unity 00:06:40 – Dealing with differences of Opinion 00:12:50  – The Asha’ari and Salafi Debate 00:17:00 – Are Muslims in Australia United? 00:21:00 – What is the role of Imams in Unity? 00:24:43 – Refutation Online 00:26:35 – The concept of Takfeer 00:32:20 – Are Imams out of Touch? 00:35:00 – Is there a problem with leadership? 00:43:00 – Is unity a Priority? 00:47:40 – Sufism in Islam 00:49:40 – Practical steps to achieve Unity 00:58:30 – Final thoughts