How to give up any bad Habit within a week

Source: Knowledge Box   In this short segment, Sheikh Kamal El-Mekki gives a short and simple solution that can assist you in giving up any harmful addiction. He calls it the “Two Rakaat Solution” and it is bound to help you in any fight against Satan. The excerpt is included below detailing the story of a young man who had difficulty in lowering his gaze and how the “Two Rakaat Solution” assisted him. He says, “Sheikh help me, I look at women too much”. The Sheikh said, “It’s really simple. But you have to commit to this.” Every time you look at a woman. And I don’t mean accidental look or you know a business-dealing look where there’s no desire involved. But like look, look. He says every time you look at a woman pray two Rakaat. Anytime of the day you look at a woman, the way that’s improper, go pray two Rakaat. So what’s happening now? What’s the formula? Why does it work? What is a bigger deal for Iblees (Satan)? Does Iblees (Satan) love that you look at a woman, more so than he hates that you pray two Rakaat to Allah? He hates that you pray two Rakaat to Allah more than his love that you disobey (Allah) by looking at a woman. True? So he says every time you look at a woman pray two Rakaat. The guy says “I’m a receptionist, there’s a lot of woman”. He says “Just pray two Rakaat”. The guy says the first day I prayed like five times, ten Rakaat The next day I prayed eight Rakaat. After that six Rakaat. Then four. Then two. Then he says after that, before I even look, if I hear a woman coming, like I hear her voice she’s on the phone, or I hear her high heels knock, knock, knock. The Shaitan will tell me “Don’t look! If you look you have to pray two Rakaat. Just don’t look!” And he called the Sheikh, said “Sheikh I don’t look at all now”. So the Sheikh then wrote about the “Two Rakaat” solution in his book. Then a young man read the book and he called me. He said “Sheikh I read about your “Two Rakaat” solution and I used to miss Fajr and it would make me so angry to miss Fajr. He said one day, at night I sat up in my bed just alone. There’s no body in my room just like a mad man I sat up in my bed. And I said out loud, “By Allah, if I miss Fajr tomorrow, I will pray 100 Rakaat”. Meaning, he will pray 50 times extra Salaah. He said Fajr came, no alarm clock, nothing. Iblees said, “Get up quickly, it’s Fajr time!”