Brothers in Need

The messenger of Allah said: “None of you will truly believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself” Sunan Ibn Majah
It was this hadith in mind, that inspired brothers from Sydney’s West, to start the organisation, ‘Brothers in Need’. The idea was initiated with the intention of bettering the Muslim Ummah, supporting our brothers and sisters and providing a realistic image where Muslims care and nurture each other. They began by visiting the children’s hospital, and providing gifts for the sick children there. Soon, their actions caught attention on social media and more people began to inquire about their services. Many wanted to volunteer, and others were asking for help.
Brothers in Need at the My Home Respite Centre in Birrong
This organisation did not only provide assistance for emergency situations (i.e. those that are homeless, experienced abuse) but it also allowed people to get back onto their feet and live independently (i.e. providing groceries, full time jobs, accommodation). An idea that began over dinner, has quickly become a life source for many. Today, the team continues to grow, and a true example has been made of what can happen when a community unites to better society. May Allah reward them for all their efforts!