Blind Paralympian was disqualified for wearing the hijab!

This is the moment a young Indonesian girl was forced to choose between her hijab and her sport. She chose her hijab and ended up being gifted an umrah ticket Blind 21-year-old Miftahul Jannah trained for 10 months to compete in the 2018 Asian Paralympic Games’ judo tournament. However, minutes before competing, she was told she would have to remove her scarf in order to continue. After refusing to remove it, she was disqualified from the tournament. The president of the Indonesian National Paralympic Committee blamed the embarrassment on the judo teams coach. However, the coach claims the rule was only put in place the day before the tournament. After the disappointing incident, a friend of Miftahul said she was likely not to compete in the sport again. Despite this, many Indonesians took to social media to congratulate Miftahul on her difficult decision. Hearing of the incident, the country’s House of Representatives rewarded Miftahul with a ticket to Umrah In response, Miftahul said,
I am truly elated. It personally feels like a gold medal for me.”