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What’s it like to be black and Muslim in America

The above videos are two short excerpts from the series “Black Muslims Speak” directed by Ahmed Eid from Eid Films. In this short segment featuring Ousainoue Touray and Gareth Bryant, both young Muslims complain of undermining treatment in the Muslim community. “So often times, they think they are privileged to rule over us just because they have had Islam for centuries… they see us as their religious servants and there’s a news flash that needs to be had, we’re not that” Bryant stated. “One thing I want non-black Muslims to know is that our opinion does count. Our word and scholarship should be appreciated”, Touray added. “We do have a lot of scholars and a lot of people with knowledge”, he continued as he shed light on the unfortunate reality of constantly being seen as someone who is new to the religion and still learning. The director Ahmed Eid, hopes that this series will give an insight into what it’s like for Black Muslims living amongst the Muslim community. Black Muslims comprise 23% of the Muslim American population and have been in America since its inception. Oftentimes, however, the black-Muslim perspective is sidelined when addressing Muslim-American issues and concerns despite Black Muslims laying the foundation for what it means to identify as an American Muslim. #BlackMuslimsSpeak is a video series highlighting Black Muslim voices- their concerns, experiences, struggles, and hopes”, Eid stated. May Allah make the affairs of our Black Muslim brothers and sisters easy and allow us to unite together as one strong diverse Muslim Ummah.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]