Justice Desmond Fagan says the Qur’an needs to be denounced by Muslims

According to this Australian Judge, the problem with terrorism is the Qur’an. And that’s not the only he has said about Islam. Whilst sentencing 2 young extremists, Justice Des Fagon said Muslims should denounce some verses of the Qur’an. He also claimed that  terrorists’ moral conviction might be weakened if Muslim leaders made a clear public disavowal of the verses His comments were criticised by many Muslims, who said those verses did not “unmistakably instruct believers” to commit violence.
“All Muslim associations that are registered and well-known in Australia have condemned acts of violence and have condemned the use of terrorism,” said Silma Ihram, President of the Australian Muslim Women’s Association. “So to hold us to account for the misinterpretation and misuse of our holy book is inappropriate.”
Justice Fagan also said last year that Australia was under attack by a group of Muslims who wanted to impose Sharia Law Is it right for a judge to comment on a religious text? According to the Muslim legal Network, it isn’t.
“His honour’s commentary… conflates crime and religion, which risks fuelling Islamophobic attacks and further division,” they said in a statement We hope that such comments will not be repeated in future.”