ENGLISH TRANSCRIPTION Omar Ibn Al-Khattab was once late to the Fajr prayer in Madinah, The companions started thinking that he must’ve overslept. So Abdulrahman Ibn Awf led the prayer instead of Omar. And after the prayer, the companions went to check up on Omar Ibn Al-Khattab at his house. His wife said to them that he went during the night time to check up on the people of Madina and hadn’t returned yet So the companions split up and started searching for him in the streets of Madinah. They found Omar lying on the floor unconscious. They woke him up. He woke up and asked, “Have the sun risen yet?” They said, “No”. So he made wudu’ (abolution) quickly and prayed. So they asked him afterward, “What happened?” He said that while he was walking around checking up on people he heard a woman reading the Ayat,
“ By the mount”, “And [by] a Book inscribed” “In parchment spread open” … Till she recited the ayah “Indeed, the punishment of your Lord will occur.” (Quran 52:1-7)
So Omar said, “I felt that the punishment is coming to me so I didn’t realise that I fainted till you came and woke me up.” Those people had a great relation and connection with Allah and His Book. If you don’t get goosebumps when reading Allah’s book, or your heart doesn’t move when reading the Quran Know that your heart has become hard and start fixing your heart immediately.