Ali Banat’s Final Message

Before his death shook the Muslim world, Ali Banat requested OnePath Network to privately record a final message he wished to be released following his death. You might know Ali Banat from the short documentary he filmed with Mohamad Hoblos three years ago on OnePath Network, titled “Gifted with Cancer” . In 2015, Ali was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer and was given 7 months to live. Upon releasing this, he began to release himself from all the material things he owned from his luxury cars to designer clothes are nothing and that all the matters is returning to Allah with a clean slate. So he sold his successful business and started his charity MATW Project that focused on building Mosques and schools in Togo Africa. The Millionaire turned humanitarian then tried through his charity and social media to influence people through his story in the hopes to shift our focus on the hereafter rather than this meaningless Dunya (worldly life). In his message brother Ali talked about how many people reach out to him and tell him he’s guaranteed Paradise for all the hard work he has done to the community to that he said; “Subhanallah this, this is not worth just a simple blessing that Allah has given us. Like waking up in the morning and being able to walk to the bathroom by yourself. These things have been stripped away from me during the last of my life Alhamdulillah…” Brother Ali was grateful for having the chance from Allah of knowing that his life will be ending soon and although he lasted much longer than the doctors had predicted earlier but he still was constantly reminded by constant setbacks in his health, keeping focused on pleasing Allah SWT… Therefore his advice to all the brothers and sisters who get to listen to his story is: “Try to have a goal, try to have a plan, try to have a project that you work towards. Even if it’s not you personally doing it and you’re funding someone else’s projects. Just do something cause wallah you’re going to be needing it on the day of judgment…” Brother Ali also wanted to show his appreciation and gratitude to all his supporters who sometimes flew from overseas to visit him sometimes and he sai He wanted to let his supporter to know that the impact they had on his life and how Allah has made him meet people that touched his life… The Prophet (ﷺ) said:
‘Frequently remember the destroyer of pleasures,’ meaning death.” (Ibn Majah)
Ali Banat remembered death because of his sickness but we should all remember death no matter what our condition is because we never know when we will meet our Creator and we all should want to meet him in the best condition and with the cleanest heart. So let’s take a moment and reflect on Ali’s story and try to change our lives and prepare for the Hereafter, our real and permanent home! For more watch the interview to hear more from Brother Ali Banat’s Final Message. May Allah have mercy on his soul and make us all meet in the highest levels of Ferdaus (Paradise)!