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When the Local Imam becomes a Successful Lawyer

In our latest podcast, we sit down with Sheikh Mohammed Kammoun to hear about his journey from becoming a well-known Sydney Imam to also establishing himself as an accomplished solicitor. Sheikh Kammoun, escaped the civil war in Lebanon at the age of 19 to establish his life in Sydney, Australia. Not knowing a word of English, he set out to make a living, eagerly working, and studying to provide for himself. After completing his Islamic Studies, he went on to establish the prominent Sydney based Islamic Centre, Markaz Imam Ahmad. Yet after fulfilling his dream of having a fully running Dawah Centre, he decided it would be best to expand his knowledge and he thus decided to obtain a legal degree. We speak with Sheikh Kammoun to hear about his journey, his struggles around the way, and what motivates him to continue growing in life. His story is a story of passion for learning, overcoming tribulation and an incredible drive to prosper in life despite the circumstances. Now while this can be a reason for confusion amongst many young people planning out their career pursuits, for local Sydney Imam, Sheikh Mohammed Kammoun, this isn’t a problem. Sheikh Mohammed Kammoun, founder of the Sydney based Islamic Centre Markaz Imam Ahmad, went on at the age of 42 to study law and establish himself as a successful lawyer.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]