What you can do in times of Drought

Prolonged shortages in water supply or rainfall can affect the environment and our lives drastically. These simple steps are actions we can all follow to help alleviate the hardships we face during times of drought.

Salaat Al-Istisqa (Rain prayer)

It is Sunnah (recommended act) to pray Salaat Al-Istisqa (rain prayer) in times of drought, as advised by the Prophet ﷺ.

Seeking Forgiveness sends abundant rain

Seeking Allah’s forgiveness is connected to rain sent down from the sky. Allah mentions in the Quran the statement of the Prophets to their people:
“And oh my people, ask forgiveness of your Lord and then repent to Him. He will send the sky upon you in showers.” (Quran 11:52)

Paying Zakat

The Prophet has linked the absence of rain with the absence of properly paying one’s Zakaat.
“The people do not prevent paying the Zakat from their wealth, except they will be prevented from the sky’s rain.” (Ibn Majah)
As one of the pillars of Islam, Zakaat must to be given from one’s wealth to the people worthy of receiving it.

Making Duaa during the drought

During times of drought, the Prophet would make the following Duaa:
“Oh Allah, give us rain that is replenishing, abundant, fertilising, beneficial and not hamrful, sooner rather than later.” (Abu Dawood)

Have Patience and show Gratitude

One should continue the rain prayer and making Dua until the ran arrives. When it does arrive, one should show gratitude to Allah and make shukr, acknowledging that Allah alone controls the rain and all in the Heavens. May Allah send us beneficial rain and remove the drought in our lands.