How to set up your iPhone to be kid-friendly

Kids today have access to more phones, tablets, computers and other tablets that have access to the Internet than any other generation. Babies can navigate their way through a tablet device better than some adults. Although children use these devices on a daily basis, they still do not know how to handle them responsibly. Here are some tips on how you can set up your personal iPhone device so that your children may use it safely without any worries giving you peace of mind.

Setup YouTube for safe browsing

No doubt our children spent a large portion of their time on YouTube browsing through their favourite content. So it is important for parents to make sure that their kids are not exposed to any harmful content. Here are the instructions on how to properly configure YouTube for your children’s iPhones or other mobile phone devices:
  • Open the YouTube App.
  • Tap the ‘Account’ icon on the top right-hand corner.
  • Tap ‘Settings’.
  • Turn ‘Restricted Mode’ on.

Setup Safari for safe browsing on iPhone

Safari is the iPhone’s main Internet browser. Parents need to pay close attention to what their child browses on the Internet as many of us already know the potential dangers on there. These are the steps to configure your iPhone device for safe Internet browsing:
  • Go ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Screen Time’.
  • If you don’t have ‘Screen Time’ then turn it on and set up the iPhone either as your’s or your child’s.
  • Go into ‘Content & privacy restrictions’ and turn it on.
  • Move onto ‘Content Restrictions’.
  • Tap ‘Web Content’.
  • From the three options, ‘Unrestricted Access’ is the default mode. Switch this to ‘Limit Adult Websites’.  ‘Limit Adult Websites’ option is the fastest option from the three as it allows automatic restrictions on adult-oriented websites.
    • If you want to allow only certain websites and block everything else switch to ‘Allowed websites only’. However, if you want to allow everything else and block specific websites then type it in the ’Never Allow’ section.

Disable In-App purchases on iPhone

This is very common for every parent with an iPhone. Sometimes kids purchase things in the apps that use without even noticing. This can lead to enormous credit card bills that you plain and simply cannot afford. Here are some simple instructions on how to set up your iPhone to avoid this:
  • Go ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Screen Time’.
  • Go into ‘Content & privacy restrictions’ and turn it on.
  • Now to go the ‘Itunes and App Store Purchases’.
  • Tap on ‘In-app Purchases’ and switch it to ‘Don’t Allow’.

Restricting App downloads and deletion

Kids may sometimes delete or downloads apps on your personal iPhone device which is very frustrating for parents. This can either lead to full storage memory consumption or just losing that favorite Islamic prayer app. In order to prevent this from happening, here some simple instructions on how to do that:
  • Go ‘Settings’.
  • Scroll down to ‘Screen Time’.
  • Go into ‘Content & privacy restrictions’.
  • Tap ‘Itunes and App Store Purchases’.
  • You can choose to not allow ‘Installing Apps’ and ‘Deleting Apps’.
Now you have your personal iPhone device setup to be kid-friendly. Enjoy!