Mums On The Run

Mums on the Run – Podcast

OnePath Network’s flagship podcast for busy English-speaking Muslim mothers, in the hopes to inspire and help them through the journey of motherhood.

Hosted by Jana Abdulaziz and Dahlia Saddiq 

Jana has a BA in Media and Communication and she is currently finishing her Masters of Counselling at Monash University. Jana has been a journalist at OnePath Network since 2017. She is a mother of 2 boys and is currently a homeschool mum. Jana always strives to share and speak about women’s issues in the community and is always searching for opportunities to learn new things.

Dahlia has completed her BA in Psychology/Arts, She is also a registered life coach and journalist. Dahlia has been working closely with the community for the past 8 years through weekly Islamic lectures (halaqah). She is certified in marriage enhancement and divorce prevention. She is a mother to 3 beautiful children and she is always happy to help others while juggling her different roles.

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All Episodes

Episode 1: Dr Fariha Dib – No need to panic, We have a Doctor amongst us!

In this episode Jana and Dahlia sit with Dr Fariha Dib, a General Practitioner with 12 years experience in Sydney, Australia. They discuss the fear and anxiety that we are facing as a society with the rise of COVID-19.
Dr Fariha shares advice with us mothers who are worried about the health and safety of our children and families.


Episode 2: Sophie Naboulsi – Fit & Healthy Mums

In this episode Jana and Dahlia sit with Sophie Naboulsi; certified fitness trainer with 15 years experience. Founder of Knockout Fitness, Sophie has a special passion in women’s health and empowerment. They discuss ways to keep fit and healthy during the lockdown and how mums can implement a healthy routine with kids at home.

Episode 3: Dalya Ayoub – Marriage, Sisterhood and other Shenanigans

In this episode, Jana and Dahlia sit with Life Coach and Da’iya; Dalya Ayoub. Dalya is the founder and CEO of Life Matters Academy. She brings to the table her expertise in making a marriage work in the modern world, importance of sisterhood and other shenanigans!

Episode 4: Umm Bilal – Mummy Faith Boost

With the responsibilities of modern mums, how do we keep spiritually illuminated? In this episode Jana and Dahlia with with Shaykha Umm Bilal, 25 years Islamic teacher to help us be spiritually ‘woke’ in times of hardship.

Episode 5: Umm Jamaal Ud-Din – A Busy Mum’s Spiritual Survival Guide

Ramadan can be a tough month for mums. In this episode Jana and Dahlia sit with Shaykha Umm Jamaal Ud-Din to redefine what Ramadan means to mums and how we can flourish despite the responsibilities.


Episode 6: Umm Anas – A Tranquil Home

Have you ever looked at other people’s lives and felt jealous? Do you feel bad about feeling this way? In this episode Jana and Dahlia sit with Shaykha Umm Anas, a Shaykha and counsellor to find out how we can live a tranquil life.

Episode 7: Reema Al-Qassem – The Super Women Amongst us

In this episode, Jana and Dahlia sit with supermum Reema El Qassem. Reema is a mum of four beautiful girls and her youngest Fatima has Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS). If you are a mum with a child with disability or as we like to call it “different” ability or you are relative or friend to those mums this episode celebrates these superwomen who are the real heroines. To Follow Fatima’s journey you can follow her on FB: @BabyFatimaPWS and on IG: fatimas_pws_journey


Episode 8: Amira Azzam – Do I look fat in this?

What on earth happened to my body? The common cries of mums. In this episode Jana and Dahlia sit with Life Coach Amira Azzam to discuss mummy body image struggles. From post baby body, pressures to bounce back to body dysmorphia; they discuss how to regain self-compassion.

Episode 9: Sulaima Samman – Nothing a therapist can’t fix!

Should I use a rewards chart? Am I over-disciplining my children? How do I treat my teenager? All these questions and more will be answered in this episode of Mums on the Run. Sulaima Samman is the lady that will help us tackle this whole parenting thing.


Episode 10: Heba Shaheed – Take it from A Pelvic Expert

The Pelvic expert, Heba Shaheed, specialises in physiotherapy for complex female pain and endometriosis. She has almost 10 years of experience in women’s and pelvic health and has supported over 2000 women on their better journey to health and wellbeing.

Episode 11: Naimah Abdat – Healing starts from Within

The Health and Wellness industry is very popular today. Dahlia and Jana go on an exploration journey with Naturopath Naimah Abdat introducing the world of Naturopathy. Asking all your burning questions. Make sure you tune in on this very exciting episode!

Episode 12: Coming Soon!

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