How To Get Notifications

How to receive YouTube updates via email

YouTube Notifications Step 1

Step 1: Go to our YouTube page, then click on the settings icon next to “subscribed” (make sure you’ve subscribed first).

YouTube Notifications Step 2

Step 2: Check “Send me updates”, then click on “Save” to get notified via email for new uploads.

How to turn on YouTube notifications on your device

On iOS:

iOS Notifications Step 1

Step 1: Touch “Settings”.

Note: YouTube app must be installed first.

iOS Notifications Step 2

Step 2: Touch “Notifications”.

iOS Notifications Step 3

Step 3: Swipe down and then touch “YouTube”.

iOS Notifications Step 4

Step 4: Enable “Allow Notifications”, “Sounds”, “Badge App Icon”, and “Show on Lock Screen”. Then either select “Banners” or “Alerts”.

On Android:

Android Notifications Step 1

Step 1: Once you’ve opened the YouTube app, touch the3 dotsMenu icon.

Android Notifications Step 2

Step 2: Touch “Settings”.

Android Notifications Step 3

Step 3: Touch “General”.

Android Notifications Step 4

Step 4: Check the box in the “Notifications” section.

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