Five Before Five

The Prophet advised to: “Take benefit of five before five: Your youth before your old age, your health before your sickness, your wealth before your poverty, your free time before you are preoccupied, and your life before your death” (Narrated by Ibn Abbas and reported by Al Hakim)

Your Youth

When were are young we have strength, enthusiasm and drive and putting those advantages in the path of Allah raises the individual levels.
The Prophet has told us that a young person who grew up with the worship of Allah, will be among the seven who are granted shade by Allah when there no shade but His. (Bukhari)

Your Health

No one can guarantee what tomorrow will bring. Our health is a blessing from Allah that we tend to take for granted.
The Prophet ﷺ said, “Whosoever begins the day feeling family security and good health; and possessing provision for his day is as though he possessed the whole world.” [At- Tirmidhi].

Your Wealth

We should all have some part of our wealth to invest in the hereafter. Helping the needy, providing for orphans etc. all these secure a spot for us in Jannah. Allah has promised us that he will repay us more than whatever sum of money we spend for His sake:
Who is it that would loan Allah a goodly loan so He may multiply it for him many times over? And it is Allah who withholds and grants abundance, and to Him you will be returned. (Quran 2:245) “The feet of the son of Adam shall not move from before his Lord on the Day of Judgement, until he is asked about five things one of which is his wealth and how he earned it and spent it upon…   (Al-Tirmidhi)

Your Free Time

Wasting time on idle things is not recommended in Islam. We should try to always fill our free time in the remembering  Allah and being productive.
The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “There are two blessings which many people lose: (They are) Health and free time for doing good.” (Bukhari)

Your Life before Death

We are all going to die, It is an inevitable truth. And how we spend this life in Dunya(this world) determines our life in the hereafter. Take advantage of your life before it is too late…
“If you could but see when the criminals are hanging their heads before their Lord, [saying], “Our Lord, we have seen and heard, so return us [to the world]; we will work righteousness. Indeed, we are [now] certain.” (Quran 32:12)  
May Allah bless us with all five so we can work harder to please Him!