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OnePath Network is a Muslim production studio. We use the best production equipment and infrastructure to create high quality Islamic content.

OnePath Network studio is based in Sydney, Australia. However, our videos are viewed by Muslims and non-Muslims from all around the world.

The best viewing experience is available on our free app, which can be downloaded at onepathnetwork.com/apps. It will give you access to our content before it’s released on any of our other platforms.

You can also follow us on our official pages:



You can download our free app for both IOS and Anroid by following the links on this page: https://onepathnetwork.com/apps

If videos aren’t loading, you might have an Ad-Blocker activated. You can deactivate your Ad-Blocker for the OnePath Network site by going to your Ad-Blocker settings and selecting ‘Don’t run on this domain’. Refresh the page and the video will play.

We’re a registered non-profit organisation, so we rely on support from our followers to keep us going. You can support us today by donating at: https://onepathnetwork.com/support-us/

Yes, both Living Muslim and Talk Islam are part of the OnePath Network family, Alhamdulillah.

We can tailor a package to almost any budget, and reach a targeted Muslim audience. Enter your details here, https://onepathnetwork.com/contact-us/ and our team will get in touch with you, to scope out your needs in shaa Allah.

The best way to support OnePath is through ongoing donations at https://onepathnetwork.com/support-us/. This allows us to continue our work and take OnePath to the next level insha’Allah.

We have many donation options to choose from, allowing for both one-time and monthly donations:

Additionally, you can also support us by liking, commenting and sharing our videos with family and friends, and of course, you can support OnePath Network by remembering us in your Duas.


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Our mission is to provide a world-class Islamic voice for Muslims and a platform to share the true message of Islam.

OnePath Network Inc is a registered nonprofit organization. Charitable Fundraising Authority CFN:25539.
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