Let’s stand against racism for real.

We’re very sorry but it feels as though many people aren’t really sincere about their support of black lives, and we’re not just talking about big brands and celebrities. It’s time for Muslims to take a look at themselves. It’s so easy to quote Hadith of the Prophet ﷺ against racism and narrate stories of Bilal, yet how many of us truly stand against racism in our own communities? Would we truly accept a black person to be a part of our Masjid board? How many of us would accept a Black suitor for our own children as husbands and wives as the Prophet ﷺ recommended on many occasions? And let us remember that the foremost primary reason why we must stand against racism, is by virtue of our belief in Allah. It is through our belief in Allah, that we know that all human beings were created equally. It is through our belief in Allah that we know that the only distinction amongst people is through piety. And this is the exact realisation that Malcolm X experienced after he visited Makkah, and proclaimed that Islam had the potential to wipe out racism from America itself. Why? Because it is through our belief in Allah that we can look at one another as equal servants of God, void of any superiority. Now, this is obviously not to say that Muslims can’t be racists, because that definitely isn’t the case, but I’m just saying, it’s time we Muslims took a good look at ourselves. If we truly are Muslims, if we truly are believers of God, let us end racism. Let us fight against racism whether it’s trending or it’s unpopular, whether it’s committed by those around us or whether it’s committed by Muslims themselves. Let’s end racism together. But this time, for real.