Nurturing a Productive Family

Ramadan is a precious time to strengthen our connection with Allah, but also an opportunity to bring families closer together. As believers, we all have a responsibility towards protecting and nurturing our families. Find out in this article how to create a productive family in Ramadan.

Creating a Ramadan Plan

This Ramadan, families should openly communicate and devise a plan to maximise productivity together. For example, you can set limits on phones, Tv’s and other devices,  schedule time for worship as a family and plan nutritious meals for Iftar. This approach allows you to spend productive time together as a family.

Being Present around Children

During Ramadan, families can really bond. It’s a time to be present with loved ones, both physically and mentally. By spending quality time together in worship, fasting together and having Iftar together, families grow closer  and feel more connected.

Moreover, children can be productively involved in Ramadan as well. Mature children should be encouraged to experience fasting, even if it begins with just a portion of the day initially. Families can make Qur’an recitation an enjoyable family activity by reading together in a collective bonding experience. Additionally, don’t overlook the immense value in engaging children in charitable acts and teaching them importance of charity from a young age.

Prayer – From Masjid to Home

Undoubtedly, praying in congregation at the masjid yields immense blessings. However, if taking children is challenging, praying together at home is also valid and encouraged. The father can lead family members in prayers, creating a mini-community of worship right at home.

Make the most of this blessed time to grow together as a productive family unit this Ramadan. Dedicate yourselves to acts of worship, spiritual activities, and quality bonding. This purposeful family engagement will strengthen your ties and devotion to Allah. Treat Ramadan as an opportunity to reset your family’s spiritual compass. With determination and Allah’s mercy, you can emerge from Ramadan as a revitalised, productive family firmly rooted in Islamic values.